10 Feb 2022
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On the morning of February 7, 2022 (the 7th day of the Lunar New Year), the staff of Rico Import and Export Joint Stock Company were present at the headquarters of Hanoi Company, attending the “Spring Opening Ceremony”. This is an annual activity with the desire for businesses to enter a new year with an exciting spirit. The company’s early spring meeting took place in a joyful, warm, intimate atmosphere, filled with laughter and joy.

At the ceremony, Chairman of Rico Group, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh sent new year greetings, wishing abundant health, peace and happiness to the staff and wish Rico Group many successes and victories in 2022. The Chairman highly appreciated the efforts of all Employees of Rico Group in 2021 – a difficult year for everyone, and it is expected that in 2022, every employee of the company, regardless of their position, will develop their full strength and wisdom, successfully complete the assigned tasks, compete to establish achievements with the highest goal of successfully completing the set business tasks.

On New Years Day, everyone raised a toast to the New Year and wished each other the best wishes, Hope for a new year Security, good health and prosperity –  A myriad things go according. The warm atmosphere, the greetings, the laughter and the fists, hugs all show solidarity, attached to each other in the rico group – a characteristic culture of the Company.

In addition to the good wishes, all employees of the company also exchanged lucky envelopes at the beginning of the year, participating in the group games to connect friendship welcome a brilliant 2022.