Spring Round of Pleasures Ceremony 2020 at Rico Group

Spring Round of Pleasures Ceremony 2020 at Rico Group
12 Feb 2020

In the morning of January 30, 2020 (January 6 of the Lunar New Year), the whole staff of Rico Group presented at the company’s headquarters in Hanoi to attend the “Beginning the Spring Round of Pleasures Ceremony”. This was an annual activity of the Company with the wish that enterprises started a new year with a spirit of excitement. The first meeting of the new year took place in an exciting, warm and intimate atmosphere, full of laughter and joy.

At the Ceremony, Rico Group’s Chairman – Mr. Nguyen Van Binh sent greetings and wishes good health, peace and happiness to all employees and wished Rico Group with many successes and victories in 2020, also marking the 10th anniversary of the company’s establishment. The Chairman highly appreciated the efforts of all Rico employees in 2019 and wished that each employee, regardless of position, will develop their strength and intelligence to excellently complete tasks, and gain achievements with the highest goals.


In the joy of new year, everyone cheered champagne toast and wished each other the best wishes, looking forward to a new year with Health – Prosperity – Happiness. The cozy atmosphere with wishes, laughter, handshakes and hugs expressed solidarity, closeness and in the Rico big family – a typical culture of the Rico Group.

In addition to wishes, all employees of the Company also gave each other lucky money envelopes in the new year, and participated in games to connect with each other.

In the new year, the leaders of the Company expressed their deep gratitude to the Trade Union Board who silently took care of the spiritual life of all employees of the Company, then voted and launched The Trade Union Committee for the new term who will continue to be in charge of this great task.

The joy of Rico members in the new year seemed to dispel the tiredness of the old year and welcome a new year – a new decade with a lot of excitement, the fire of passion, enthusiasm and determination to take the “Rico boat” across the vast ocean.