RICO GROUP is ready to leave its mark on the world

RICO GROUP is ready to leave its mark on the world
05 Mar 2019

RICO group always focuses on building a friendly, cooperative and cohesive working environment for all employees in the company. Therefore, team building activities are always attracted special attention by the leadership.

This year, RICO Group scheduled a vacation for all members at Hidden Charm resort, Ninh Binh from March 3 to March 5, 2019.With the message “RICO – Reaching the continents” printed clearly on the backdrop of the stage, RICO group always shows the spirit of high determination and burning enthusiasm.

The team has had memorable experiences when participating enthusiastically and overcoming many challenges in the game “Catch the word”.

After intense hard working days at the office, the members spent free time in the natural open space of the high-class resort, participated in motor games, danced together jubilantly, held hands running around the pink fire, and enjoyed luxury cuisine.

This was the time when all the pressures are relieved and the renewable energy sources are created so that RICO group members can work more effectively and enthusiastically afterward.

The uplifting the spirit of “Work hard, play harder”, team building activities brought exciting forms of entertainment, comfortable moments of plays, as well as, enhancing team spirit. Not only the entertainment activities, but the program is also a new experience with requirement of creativity, agility and solidarity. It was obviously effective in improving the working spirit for the group.


The team building program has achieved the goal of building a friendly and fun environment to bring people closer together, as well as creating moments that everyone remembers and appreciates. Hopefully, the upcoming activities in the Team building program will help the employees have more energy to work and strive for the common goal of Rico Import Export Joint Stock Company.

Below are other pictures of the company’s team building activities during the last spring trip:


Đội ngũ RICO xinh đẹp trước cửa chính khách sạn Hidden Charm.