BOM participated in training on management skills

BOM participated in training on management skills
24 Dec 2019

On December 21, members of BOM participated in a management skill training organized by CEO Mr. Nguyen Van Binh. The training helped BOM get more management knowledge to become the reliable leaders of Rico Group taking “the Rico boat” and talented staff to confidently sail the ocean in 2020.


The training with the presence of two very special experts. The first expert was billionaire Mr Pham Nhat Vuong – the richest billionaire in Vietnam and one of the Vietnamese billionaires being in the top richest billionaires in the world ranked by Forbes. The BOM members watched a clip of the talk of billionaire Vuong and Viettel’s General Director – Mr Nguyen Manh Hung sharing about Mr. Vuong’s human management method in particular and Vingroup’s in general as well as system-operating experience, successful business experience, etc. After listening to the talk, the BOM members had deep lessons for themselves. All members were interested in the policy of turning each employee into an ambassador of the Company. And to execute this, Rico’s employees must be selected carefully who are skilled at their field, always dedicated to their work and the development of the Company. BOM understood that knowledge was boundless, in order to never go behind the world, self-study, innovation and self-development was extremely essential. Just like how billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong applied to Vingroup, CEO Rico Group and the Board of Directors affirmed the important role of learning and training for employees and the whole enterprise. Accordingly, from 2020, training would become an important part of Rico Group. The leadership team will regularly communicate and learn from experts in many fields, and especially was trained in management skills. Staff would be trained in skills and professional competence.


The training also had the presence of Mr. Quan – an instructor of Business Management at Foreign Trade University with extensive experience in strategic consulting and training in management, human resources and marketing for many enterprises. After listening to BOM excitedly sharing and discussing, Mr. Quan expressed his admiration for the BOM team. He saw that Rico leaders were enthusiastic and determined people for the development of the Company and he believed that Rico would go further with the guidance of a CEO and a leadership team with a strong “fighting” spirit. With Mr. Quan’s sharing on human resource management strategies in enterprises and some suggestions on how to deploy and implement marketing strategies for an enterprise that customers were high-class like Rico Group, BOM members had many useful lessons.


At the end of the training, BOM members felt full of energy and excitement, they determined to bring the acquired knowledge to apply to the management of human resources and their work. Hopefully, in 2020, Rico Group would witness the maturity and determination of the BOM to lead Rico staff more effectively.