02 Mar 2022

Designing a home office is becoming an essential need in the current epidemic situation. Many are forced to work from home with a heap of work. And working from home will be boring, mental as well as poor performance. This comes from the psychology of each person and also because we do not have a beautiful office. Having a good home workspace will bring more than inspiration. RICO luxury office furniture will underline a few notes to help you design your own office.


Design a home office where it is beautifully located.

The location to create a working space from home is the first thing you need to keep in mind. If your home is large enough to get a private room, that’s the best thing. Because of privacy, separation will make it easier to create space as well as focus on work.

If you can’t have your own room, prioritize the widest corner of the room for the workspace. And take note of a few factors to make it easier to create a office:

–          The place with the best view to help you relax more at work. It’s like feeling like I want to work more.

–          Choose where to catch the most natural light.

–          It is recommended to choose a location with windows to facilitate the ventilation of natural airflow.

Designing a home office with favorite style

Depending on the nature of your work to choose a style that suits you. More important is your own preference. If you’re a writer, there’s nothing better suited than minimalism. Interior minimalism will bring you an air of thought and inspiration.

If you’re a lover of romance, vintage style is the number one choice. The color as well as the chill of the furniture will help you love more of the work you are doing. And when you’re in the field of design, always asking for creativity, breaking the way is great. Choose the brightest colors, combined with some art paintings. It will make you more uplifted in your works.

A great style for CEOs is Scandinavian. With white tones and the feeling of a warm summer morning. Combining perfection with luxurious high-end office furniture will create the class required.

Note when choosing furniture

In any workspace there are the most basic furniture, tables, chairs and bookshelves.

With a desk: choose a compact fit to easily move space. Decorate the table lamp beautifully to create accents as well as bring light.

In terms of seats: ergonomic chairs are the first choice. These chairs will protect your body perfectly. And most of all, it brings comfort throughout the process.

There is no shortage of bookshelms. Not only is it your favorite books, but also a great decoration. Choose bookshelms that attach walls to the right height for your body.

Note when arranging furniture for home workspaces

The first thing to pay attention to is not to leave the desk facing the bathroom. Because it is not only offensive but also affects the feng shui element.

The second thing should be avoid dragging too much furniture into the office. When you leave too many items including decorations, they will make the space cramped.

Let’s take some space to put greenery. Both to decorate and to purify the air as well as help you relax during work.

Also, if you own a large space, do not hesitate to add a corner to passion. Your passions when you go along with your work definitely bring great results.

Here are a few considerations for those of you who are starting to create a home office. They will help you to be more clear about what you need to do. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call RICO for support.